Thursday, September 13, 2007

Very Sleepy

Yesterday night, my grandfather was admitted into hospital. It was an emergency because my grandfather said that his legs and hands were numbed suddenly.

Luckily, my brother was there. He is a doctor. Upon checking him, my brother recommended that he needed a blood test and x-ray to find out what was wrong with my grandfather.

My brother knows the location of the nearest hospital from the house. He guided us to the hospital he mentioned. My grandfather was checked two times by x-ray and a blood test. Me and my parents waited from 11 pm till 3:30 am for the blood test result.

We reached home around 4am. I had tuition the next day. So, I only slept for 3 hours.

The blood test result shows that my grandfather's body have not enough salt. So, my grandfather was warded. He was given sodium chloride drips to increase his body salt to normal.

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