Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tactic Effects The Game

The past few days, I've researched that tactics effects every player in every game. The tactics have to be a team play. Without team play, there will be no coordination within the team and the game they play will be down.

The best team play I've in my mind is :

2 Special Team Player
1 BallHog-Hero
2 Normal

The STP(Special Team Player) is to make passes, assist and bait the most. I think 2 STP will be good enough to make passes, assist and bait. STP should be having good passing, and stamina. Don't forget to add their own position stats.

The BH(BallHog-Hero)is to dribble to the basket longer. 1 BH (BallHog-Hero) to dribble the ball longer to the basket to fasten the game. BH should be having good stats of speed, dribbling, stamina and confidence. And don't forget to add their own position stats.

And lastly 3 N (Normal), the N is to do their jobs according to their own positions. They add their stats according to their positions .

I have not research a few more stuffs because my final exam is coming soon.

The final word I have to say. This is just my opinion . Whether my opinion is true or not, I don't know. So, do not believe me fully.

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