Friday, November 21, 2008

Maple Story Lag

Oh, I can't play Maple Story SEA(SouthEast Asia). When I play Maple Story, it lags. I don't know why. I never had a lagging stituation before. I'm guessing that the 0.64 patch is the cause of the lag because after that patch, I started to get lagging stituations. I asked some maplers during the game, they too get the lagging stituation. I hope Maple Story will not have this problem in the future. I also hope this lagging stituation will be gone ASAP (As Soon As Possible).

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shihui said...

hi! i'm from singapore. i also have this problem after the latest patch. it's very bad and i dced in my opq at the last stg when i was fighting the papa pixie. that was the first time i dced since last last year when i was still using an old computer. at this time i think it's better to play less because of the lag. i also have a friend whose mesos disappear before he can loot them because the lag prevents him from looting. isn't it terrible?