Monday, November 24, 2008

Maple Story New Job (Pirate)

After two years of playing Maple Story, I've seen many kinds of jobs in the game. Each of the jobs had different specialty and skills. During party quests, each job had different responsibility and roles. The training places are also almost different. The only common skill each job have is the Beginner Skill.

In 2008, a new job was released and I was so excited about it. The new job was named pirate. When the new job was released at Korea, I though that pirate uses dagger and gun as their weapon. I was right and wrong at the same time after I did some research on it. Pirate uses knuckles and guns as their weapon. The interesting part of pirate is their skills. It's as good as the other jobs' skills.

Pirate have two 2nd jobs. They're called Brawler and Gunslinger. Brawler uses their knuckle while Gunslinger, well, just like their name, uses a gun.

Brawler uses physical attacks which means when a Brawler attacks a monster, the Brawler has to go near to the monster to do punches or kicks. This give a disadvantage when a brawler attacks a magical monsters or a distance-shooting monster. But a Brawler's attacking power is almost strong as a warrior but faster than a warrior. So, Brawlers might 1-hit-ko a monster.

Gunslinger uses their gun to shoot monsters. Just like an assassin or an archer? Not at all. Gunslinger is like an assassin in terms of reloading bullet and an archer in terms of shooting style (had to stop moving to shoot). I have not research on Gunslinger yet so I can't give much details.

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