Sunday, December 28, 2008

Writing Game Walkthroughs Soon

I'll be writing game walkthroughs soon. Well, I meant online flash puzzle games. Etc. The Sereval Journeys Of Reemus. But I'll put many pictures so that readers may understand what I meant easier because sometimes the things can't be explain through words.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Weird Death in Maple

I just saw a weird death in maple. Thought of sharing it to everyone. Kinda freak me out at first. Enjoy the pictures and don't worry. His exp is 0%. ^^

Friday, December 26, 2008

Maple Cash / A-Cash

Just 2 days ago, I bought 20,000 A-Cash, which is equal to RM48 from the popular book shop. I used up on buying another slot for an extra character (15,000 A-Cash) and reviving my pet,a Husky named exactly my current dog, Lucky (5,000 A-Cash) .

When I bought the A-Cash, the cashier gave me a goodie bag for free. I don't know why. But I think it's a promotion for other games. There are some games that aren't made by Wizet (Maple creator). So, I guess it's a type of advertisement to promote these games.

And in the goodie bag, there's a mouse pad with the pirate job picture on it. I don't use it because there's no space for my mouse anymore. So, I just put it aside

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Chrismas Eve

Merry Christmas everyone. I wish all of you happy and healthy forever. Yesterday, my family and I went to a shopping mall to get something we asked few days ago. On the way to the shop, We saw a group of people singing Christmas songs. My father told me the group is caroling or something I couldn't remember well. Well, the pictures are blur because I used my lousy camera in my phone. Only 1.2 mega pixel. =.=

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

PMR Result 2008

I'm not getting butterflies in my stomach or anything. I'm actually curious about what will I get even if I just studied for about close to 2 month before the PMR. Well, I just hope and wish that every one of my friends and fellow strangers get flying colours. THe PMR result will be on 30th of December.

These are two sites I found out that it's on 30th of December

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Level 200 NPC

I was just walking when suddenly I went in to the bar just to see the Dark Lord. Surprisingly I saw the lvl 200 Night Lord which ranking was quite high. I almost thought that she's a character until I clicked her. So, I decided to go to each towns job maker and found out that the most level 200 are mages. But there are no archers became level 200 yet because there are no character NPC in henesys.

Monday, December 22, 2008

8 Zombie Mushmom A Day

Few days ago, I went to kill some ZMM(Zombie Mushmom). When I first arrived the lair, I though someone was already faster than me. But when I was about to Change Channel, a ZMM suddenly spawn and I was a bit surprise. I checked all the channels and I only found 8 ZMM's. Too bad for me, I didn't get any rare drops from it. Must be my unlucky day. I guess I should start training more to kill faster so that I can kill more ZMM's.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Giant snowman

Yesterday, I was talking to my friend in the town. Suddenly a giant snowman suddenly spawn. I thought I was dead. But the Giant Snowman had only damaged me 1 HP(Hit Point) . So, me and my friend attacked it . After many numerous attacks, we thought that it's invincible. But we keep on attacking till he sort of melted off. Many things came out, including Joyce's gift box. It so happen that it's snowing. Me and my friend were so lucky that we were able to exchange the gifts as each individual only can hold one box.

Friday, December 19, 2008

At last, I made it ~

At last I made the Super snowboard. I still can't get the Blood Snowboard. So, I've decided to buy it. Lucky me, I found a cheap buyer. She offered me 3m (3 million) for 1 Blood Snowboard. Well, 3m is easy to get ain't it ? So, I bought it and made my very first Super Snowboard!!! I'm so happy ~

I also made my ice chair. I'm even happier. Tear of happiness. ha ha ha.

Oh yea, here's the picture of Maple Santa I promised. And I'm transformed. ha ha ha.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

So much fun~!!

Wow, I can't believe that the Maple Patch 0.65 was very worth it to wait. I've so much thing done and I could be the lucky one to be the most items won. ^^

But, Lady Luck had been cruel to me . I've been killing MG(Mix Golem) for more than 3 hours trying to get a Blood Snowboard. I now understand that it's a real bloody hell to get it. And now, I still haven't had it on my hand. T.T I really really want it so much because I want to make my Super Snowboard. I've missed last event of making Super Snowboard because i had some things to do. Anyway, I'll be trying my luck again tomorrow.

By the way, I want to share with you something. If you're a Mapler, it could be useful. Go to to find out which monsters drop snowboards. Different monsters drop different type of Snowboard.

I hunted 10 red book (Book No.6) but I didn't use it. I'm going to use it for my lower level characters. I forget to screenshot the picture of the book but I'll show you other colours of the book which is easy to be hunt.

Oh yeah, I met Santa Claus too. Not the real Santa. Maple Santa~!! Well, He didn't sorta gave me anything. I have the exchange things with him. And the things he wants was really really lot. Until now, I still can't collect to the number he wants.
Er, The next blog I'll put his picture. I sorta missed my screenshot.

Oh yea, I am able to transform too. But it's random. I can't choose. T.T

Here's some pictures of Happyville. I couldn't had any time to screenshot because I was rushing to do quests.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Maple SEA Patch 0.65

Maple SEA it's having it's patch again. And I hope it's the best for all of us maplers. It's the version 0.65 patch for the coming Christmas. It always happen every year.

I can't believe it that the patch has a new thing. All level 200 maplers are able to create a statue of them. Oh my, it's going to be a real and I already can feel it. ^^

Good news for all maplers who didn't made their Super Snowboard. You're able to make it again this time. To create your own Super Snowboard, talk to the NPC Poch in Happyville. For users over level 10.

Well, the Nautilus has it's own gachapon already. So, there's no need to rush to ellinia or henesys to gacha if you're stuck between the two cities. You can go to the Nautilus to gacha soon. ^^

Well, as usual. The cash shop always makes it's move to the higher level. And this time, they've added Christmas items.

List :
Weapon] Christmas Tree Cane
[Weapon] Red Candy Cane
[Weapon] Rudolph Stick
[Weapon] Santa Buddy
[Equip] Cotton Blanket
[Equip] Snowman Mask
[Equip] Snowman Costume
[Equip] Snowman Gloves
[Equip] Snowman Shoes
[Equip] Rudolph Slippers
[Equip] Reindeer Hat
[Equip] Reindeer Suit
[Equip] Christmas Party Outfit
[Equip] Holly Hair Clip
[Ring] Mistletoe Crush Ting
[Effect] Caroler Effect
[Pet] Crystal Rudolph
[Pet Equip] Crystal Rudolph Wings

That's all I can say. To check out more, go to the website

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My First Maple Music Video

Few months ago, or should I say many months ago, I made a MMV(Maple Music Video). I used the song by Maroon 5, "Won't Go Home Without You" to create it. If I'm still able to remember well, I think that I used up 4 hours to create it almost perfectly. It's not perfect because I was doing a rushing job. I think I'll be making MMV and comic again just for the sake of killing time. I'll make the next MMV using the song by ... You'll know soon. ^^ Here's the link to my first MMV I've created.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Maple Family

Almost everywhere I went in Maple Story, I frequently see that many Maplers have family members. And the family members I meant were not real life family members. They are called di (little bro), mei (little sis), jie (elder sis), kor (elder bro), dad and mom. It's like a whole family once you get all of them together. But not real families, only Maple families. I wasn't a social type so I do not have any Maple family. But I still do have guild and buddies. But most of them are almost offline all the time except for my guild who are all Mapleholics. The next time I write about this I'll put some pictures of Maplers having Maple families. Well, I'll close their names though.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Ring Of Veldror

If you saw my previous comic which is The Ring Of Salzar(2007 blog), this new The Ring Of Veldror is the improved and much more better story line. Some people had thought that the name Salzar was stolen from the Harry Potter movie/novel. So, I changed the name to Veldror. I will release the comic ASAP (As Soon As Possible) so that it will give you readers some excitement(I hope). I also hope that the new name does not have the similarity of other movies. I might put the comic before Chrismas. So, better check everyday. ^^

Thanks to BannedStory, MapleSim, Photoshop 7.0, MS(Microsoft) Paint, Notepad and mostly Maple Story the game. Without all these, I might not be able to make the comic.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Hidden Street Banner Competition

All these years playing maple, my favourite website to look for guides and news is . They have the most latest news and updates almost every month. I like go there everyday to check what's new.

About yesterday, I saw that they are having two competitions. One is " The search for the Easter eggs " while another one is " Create a Hidden Street banner contest ". I only joined the banner making competition because I might not have time in the future to take part in searching easter eggs.

This is the banner I summited to them. I hope I might be able to get something. Eventhough I'm not the best of all.

Both competition prize are the same :

The search for the Easter eggs
1st prize - 30,000 NX Points
2nd prize - 20,000 NX Points
3rd prize - 10,000 NX Points
Consolation prizes - 5,000 NX Points x 4

Hidden Street banner contest
1st prize - 30,000 NX Points
2nd prize - 20,000 NX Points
3rd prize- 10,000 NX Points
Consolation prizes - 5,000 NX Points x 4

And both competition have the same ending date which is the 28th of December.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Reached Priesthood

After two years of playing Maple Story, at last I've reached priesthood(lvl 70) . Well, I didn't play Maple Story everyday but by playing bit by bit I've achieve something that I never expected. I usually stop playing Maple Story when final examinations or important examinations is on that year. So, I never had the chance to play to priesthood very quickly. I never thought becoming a 3rd job was really hard. I got to travel here and there to accomplish the instructor's instruction. And it was kinda long journey for me too.

These are some picture of my Maple Story character on the journey to priesthood. ^^

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Waiting For Server Check Done

Today, I tried to open Maple Story, but when I click to open it, it doesn't let me in. So, I tried opening Maple Story again and again (About 10 times ?) but still doesn't let me in . So, I went to the official website
( and found out that the game is having it's server check until 1:30pm . I have to wait till 1:30pm to play Maple Story.

So I went to play another game while waiting for the checking to be done. I went to play CABAL SEA. It's another game(3-D) I play while waiting for patches or server checks of Maple Story. While in CABAL, I saw one of my friend playing it. He told me that the server (CABAL) is going to check starting 11am. I was like " What's going on today ???" and invite my friend to play the MSN game. So we played some MSN games to kill time waiting for the server check (Maple Story) to be done. He too waits for Maple story just like me.

And both of us (me and my friend) are lousy backgammon players. lol.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sharing Connection

A few days later after setting up the internet connection, my father bought a "switch". It's function is just like a router but a better type I thing. I still do not know the differences between a router and a switch. I got to research about it soon to know both's capability because I believe that different things have their own strength and weaknesses. I wonder which one is a better type.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Internet At Last

After waiting for 1 whole year since the day I move in to my new house(current), finally I get an internet connection. Well, you know. Gamers like me will be playing games till drop or so. I did play till midnight, not till drop though. If not, I'll be having useless eyes (you know what I mean). I'm just glad that my new house finally get an internet connection. I'll make sure that I, myself will make good use of it. Well, I'm still play game. hahaha...