Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Maple SEA Patch 0.65

Maple SEA it's having it's patch again. And I hope it's the best for all of us maplers. It's the version 0.65 patch for the coming Christmas. It always happen every year.

I can't believe it that the patch has a new thing. All level 200 maplers are able to create a statue of them. Oh my, it's going to be a real and I already can feel it. ^^

Good news for all maplers who didn't made their Super Snowboard. You're able to make it again this time. To create your own Super Snowboard, talk to the NPC Poch in Happyville. For users over level 10.

Well, the Nautilus has it's own gachapon already. So, there's no need to rush to ellinia or henesys to gacha if you're stuck between the two cities. You can go to the Nautilus to gacha soon. ^^

Well, as usual. The cash shop always makes it's move to the higher level. And this time, they've added Christmas items.

List :
Weapon] Christmas Tree Cane
[Weapon] Red Candy Cane
[Weapon] Rudolph Stick
[Weapon] Santa Buddy
[Equip] Cotton Blanket
[Equip] Snowman Mask
[Equip] Snowman Costume
[Equip] Snowman Gloves
[Equip] Snowman Shoes
[Equip] Rudolph Slippers
[Equip] Reindeer Hat
[Equip] Reindeer Suit
[Equip] Christmas Party Outfit
[Equip] Holly Hair Clip
[Ring] Mistletoe Crush Ting
[Effect] Caroler Effect
[Pet] Crystal Rudolph
[Pet Equip] Crystal Rudolph Wings

That's all I can say. To check out more, go to the website

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