Thursday, December 18, 2008

So much fun~!!

Wow, I can't believe that the Maple Patch 0.65 was very worth it to wait. I've so much thing done and I could be the lucky one to be the most items won. ^^

But, Lady Luck had been cruel to me . I've been killing MG(Mix Golem) for more than 3 hours trying to get a Blood Snowboard. I now understand that it's a real bloody hell to get it. And now, I still haven't had it on my hand. T.T I really really want it so much because I want to make my Super Snowboard. I've missed last event of making Super Snowboard because i had some things to do. Anyway, I'll be trying my luck again tomorrow.

By the way, I want to share with you something. If you're a Mapler, it could be useful. Go to to find out which monsters drop snowboards. Different monsters drop different type of Snowboard.

I hunted 10 red book (Book No.6) but I didn't use it. I'm going to use it for my lower level characters. I forget to screenshot the picture of the book but I'll show you other colours of the book which is easy to be hunt.

Oh yeah, I met Santa Claus too. Not the real Santa. Maple Santa~!! Well, He didn't sorta gave me anything. I have the exchange things with him. And the things he wants was really really lot. Until now, I still can't collect to the number he wants.
Er, The next blog I'll put his picture. I sorta missed my screenshot.

Oh yea, I am able to transform too. But it's random. I can't choose. T.T

Here's some pictures of Happyville. I couldn't had any time to screenshot because I was rushing to do quests.

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