Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Waiting For Server Check Done

Today, I tried to open Maple Story, but when I click to open it, it doesn't let me in. So, I tried opening Maple Story again and again (About 10 times ?) but still doesn't let me in . So, I went to the official website
( and found out that the game is having it's server check until 1:30pm . I have to wait till 1:30pm to play Maple Story.

So I went to play another game while waiting for the checking to be done. I went to play CABAL SEA. It's another game(3-D) I play while waiting for patches or server checks of Maple Story. While in CABAL, I saw one of my friend playing it. He told me that the server (CABAL) is going to check starting 11am. I was like " What's going on today ???" and invite my friend to play the MSN game. So we played some MSN games to kill time waiting for the server check (Maple Story) to be done. He too waits for Maple story just like me.

And both of us (me and my friend) are lousy backgammon players. lol.

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