Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chinese New Year Coming

I wish everyone have a great life and healthy forever.

I think I'm not going to be using the Internet very much on this coming CNY holiday. I'll be spending almost all my time on playing board games with all my relatives who are coming to my house. Yes, my house!! Which is why I don't go anywhere during most holidays!! Great! I dislike traveling anyway. Well, I'm not going to play board games only, don't I ? I will also gamble a little with my aunties and uncles. Small bets though. I'm just a kid anyway!!

Oh yea~!! Maple Story have their own events!! I want to join!! But well, meeting with everyone once a year is precious to me, family first. But I will still open Maple Story sometimes during the holiday.

That's all ~!! I hope nothing will go wrong. CHOI!!

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