Monday, January 5, 2009

First Day Of School

Well, I thought there's nothing to do on the first day of the school and everyone will be telling about themselves requested by teachers which I dislike the most. But it turn out to be so much more better situation than I wanted. No self-introduce, straight away study. Well, the first subject was Add-Maths. I was so surprise that the subject Add-Maths is one subject I have to really use my time to study to understand it well and perfect. After Add-Maths, there's only two subject left which were Physics and Chemistry.

Well, the Physics teacher taught us something called Base Quantities and Derived Quantities. And the last subject for the day, Chemistry. Well, the chemistry teacher taught finished Chapter One. CHAPTER ONE!! We don't even had our textbooks YET!! She just asked us to write some notes in a book which is quite long (took 3 pages of the long book).

Well, I hope this whole week there's nothing I dislike happen, SELF-INTRODUCTION!!

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