Sunday, May 31, 2009

Maple Life 30/5/09

It's school holiday. So I played for quite a long amount of time. My cousins came to my house. We played Fornax since his main character is there. So, I too create one character there . He's a fighter, I'm a spearman.

For 2 days, we trained till the 2nd job. My brother, reached level 32 before he went back and I just reached level 30. Lucky for us, there was the X2 Exp Event when we train. At the same time, there's the Knight of Cygnus Pop Quiz. It gave us 800 Exp everytime we use it. We did Kerning PQ too. It was little Exp for us though.

And you know what ? This character is my first character in Malaysia Server, Fornax and my first warrior that reached 2nd job, spearman.

Here's some picture of my brother and I.

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