Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Maple Life 10/6/09 -Knight of Cygnus

I patched Maple Story this afternoon. It took me 15 minutes. Not bad. Only a few mb. When to my main character. I was then asked whether to be transferred to Erev or not to register for the Knight of Cygnus. Well, of course I registered for it. My main character was teleported to a new world, Erev. It's a very nice place. The music's nice too, peaceful and simple.

I made a character named "tanbenhur". Well, that's the only name I can think of. I trained till level 10 and chose Soul Master(Swordmans). It's level 21 now. Anyway, there's a whole bunch of new thing to learn. I have to relog to play the KoC(Knight of Cygnus) character. Many new quests and all these quest have to be done. It's because they give a good amount of exp. Here's some pictures of my new character, Erev and KoC.

My character. You'll get the outfit when you make it.

The bless of Fairy skill. It's a passive one. The skill depends on the level of the parent character. 10 level of parent = 1 skill point on it.

I skipped the Improve Hp skill. Nothing changed there.

You can get it by talking to the Divine Bird.

While training, I saw this shoutout. Thought might wanna share it.

The ship used to go back and forth Erev. You can find it in Orbis and the top of Ellinia. It'll only take you 2 minute to reach Ellinia. Well to be exact, 2:09 timer.

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