Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just Came Back Home

What a tiring journey! I just came back home yesterday from Skudai ,Johor , Malaysia . Well, my father and I went there to attend my uncle's wedding. It was a great event! Everything was great. Especially the dishes. Well, of course, the bride and the bridegroom as well too.

Talking about food, I've never seen such dish (during a Chinese wedding) so much in my life before! The second dish was like for 20 hungry adults! Of course there weren't anyone who finished the second dish. Most of them 'pack-away' the second dish (Oh yes, they were allowed to do so).

Anyway, the food, the music, the event, everything was going great and smooth.

I wish my uncle good luck. Bye for now.

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amiliaya said... nice
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