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Dragon Age : Origin (PC)

When I started this game for the first time, I thought it was going to be another great game to play after watching the introduction video. I was right.

I like the Character Generation of this game. I was able to make the character on how it looks and it's origin whether to be a human,elf or dwarf. The best part is that each different races have different story lines and their status. Example, elves in the game are considered slaves whereas dwarfs are looked upon as nobles. The only problem is that there's only 3 races. There are no other races to choose. It's good that there are varieties of jobs and skills to master. It somehow balanced the race factor with the skills and mastery.

I think the game play is somewhat good. Players control their party whether to follow the controlling character or hold their positions. When the characters draw their weapons, it means that enemies are nearby the player. During battles, players may pause the game by pressing the space bar button to change tactics/skills or switch commands of the characters. Even so, I felt this game is like RPG (Role-Playing Game) combining with actions and adventures.

The best part of this game is that players can be an aggressive character or a gentle character depending on the players decision during a conversation with the NPC's and/or the player's party members. The reaction of enemies or allies whether to help you or to kill you depends on the answer the player gives during the conversation. When talking to party members, players may increase or decrease the relationship with the party member by conversation. This also depends on the answer of the player.

Overall, this game is worth playing. Players may find it interesting as different quests completed will affect the whole game play and the ending of the game as well.

The next post I'll post some screenshots. Bye for now =)

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Two More Weeks

Two more weeks to Chinese New Year, which is on the 14 of February. The same day Valentine's Day falls on too. I wonder what will happen on that very day. I think it's a rare coincident that occurs not always in a life time.