Friday, August 5, 2011

I'm Back

I'm back from National Service. It was alright I guess since I'm quite the outgoing type. Well, not everyone in National Service were that alright like me. Some of them were their first time sleeping away from home. For me, I treated it like a long camping trip.

There's actually nothing much to say about National Service. Half or should I say, most of the time in National Service were classes and talks. The other half were marching training, night performance (from class), camping, and many more I just couldn't remember them.

I'm still having a writer's block on the story I'm writing. Sorry if it kept anyone waiting. Hopefully, in the next few days, I can continue the story.

That's it for today. See ya.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Oops, My Bad Here.

Sorry that I couldn't post my Dragon Age : Origins playthrough. I uninstalled the game because I wanted to play Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. I did not have enough space on my computer for both the games and that is why I uninstalled Dragon Age : Origins. I even deleted the save games. Well, I hope you guys can forgive me. =/

Anyway, the next fortnight I'll not be around  the computer. That's because I'll be at National Service. Too bad I have to stop many things. I'll try to do as much thing as possible in this 2 weeks. Bye for now.

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Past - Flying Dust (Chapter 4)

" How forgetful of me, the letter was in my jacket. " said Kent to the confused Sam who looked like a little child being explained how aeroplane flies.

" And what's it got to do with this pen ? " asked Sam curiously while showing the pen.

" Well, I just remembered that when she gave me the letter, she also gave me this pen. I put both the letter and the pen in my jacket. When I went home, I only took the pen out of my jacket and left the letter in the jacket. " explained Kent.

" So, where's the jacket ? " asked Sam while giving the pen back to Kent.

Kent took the pen and looked at it for quite some time, thinking real hard where he had place the jacket and finally said " It's somewhere in my old office. "

" What are we waiting for then ? Let's go. " said Sam.

Sam started the car engine and drove both of them to Kent's old office. Kent looked out of the car window, thinking that the world has changed a lot since the last time he went out. He passed by a colourful magic shop which he remembered it used to be a donut shop selling the best frosty pink sprinkle donuts in town. He wondered whether his favourite restaurant is still around, realising that even such short time many things could happen or change. Could his old office changed as well ?

" You okay ? " asked Sam.

" Hmm ? Oh, yeah. I'm okay. " replied Kent without much thought.

" A lot has change around here. Don't worry about your old office. It has been closed since that day and no one has been in or out. " said Sam.

Kent was a little surprised how Sam managed to figure out his worrisome thoughts. It's true that Kent is worried of the old office. But many things could happened. What if thieves broke in and took everything? What if the natural disaster damaged the old office? What if the building collapse ? Wild thoughts haunt Kent's mind throughout the whole journey.

About 40 minute later, they reached Kent's old office. It looked dirty and old. Kent stared at it for quite some time, remembering that he used to work here as a writer with his partner, Sam. Sam was already at the front door, trying to open it so hard as if he was trying to break it. Kent then walked to him, asked him to stand aside, kicked the door on it's lower left and opens it easily.

" Well, that works too. " said Sam panting.

Kent smiled at him and walked into the building. Everything was dusty and dirty. As Kent walks slowly to his office, little flashbacks of his friends working, chatting and walking around the office takes place in his mind. Sam followed behind him with the same slow walking pace. Kent finally reached his old stuffy office. The office was well decorated but with some clatters here and there. Kent remembered Jenny used to buy lunch packs for him everyday. He also remembered that she complaints a lot about the cleanliness of the office and cleans the office. Kent was felling a little nostalgic.

" Kent. " said Sam slowly while patting Kent's shoulder, " Let's just find the jacket. "

" Yeah " replied Kent wearily.

Both man searched high and low for the jacket. It was a terrible job. Everything they touch, the dust flies around the air. Unluckily, they've opened  every cupboard and boxes they could find, and still not a single sight of a jacket.

" This is just a waste of time. " said Kent.

" We've just been here for less than 30 minutes and you've started to give up ? " said Sam while looking at a hanging glass case that was covered with dust. Sam took the case to the table and opened it with some difficulty.

" What is it ? " asked Kent with a little disappointment in his tone.

" Looks like a jacket to me. " said the now smiling Sam while dusting off the jacket.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Past - Gift and Words (Chapter 3)

" Ow, my head. Ouch. "

" Still getting the hangover ? "

" Yeah, what time is it ? "

" It's six in the morning. Here, have some coffee. "

Kent thanked Sam and drank the coffee thirstily. Both of them looked wasted, sitting on the sofa watching the news. Kent felt much better, he looked much more alive. Sam was glad Kent was able to think straight after such a long period of persuasion and comforting. It has been two long years Sam stood up and helped Kent to recover. He was the only friend that hadn't abandoned Kent. Sam daydreams about all the things he said to Kent, It all feels just too long. Suddenly, Sam remember something about Kent mumbling something about a letter from Jenny.

" Hey, last night. You said something about a letter. Do you remember ? " asked Sam interestingly.

" Huh ? A letter ? What letter ? "

" You said Jenny gave you a letter you hadn't read it yet last night. "

" Oh, that letter. It's somewhere around the study room. "

Kent went to the study room and searched around. Sam waited for a few minutes, hearing rummaging sounds of books and papers every once in a while. He wonders what's written on that letter,it could be anything.  Sam was so deep in his own thoughts he did not heard Kent calling him for help.

" Dude... Sam ! "

" Huh ? Yeah ? Found it ? "

Kent looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

" Never mind. Come and help me find it. I just can't seem to find it "

Kent and Sam searched the whole study room for hours. It was like searching a needle in the haystack, an almost impossible task. Kent had now wished that he remembered where he last saw the letter, regreting that he doesn't remember something this simple at all. The once very clean and tidy room has now become so messy as if a tornado passed through. Kent suddenly stopped moving, looking at something he knew and has made him remembered something important, very important.

" What's wrong ? " Sam asked curiously.

Kent showed Sam a silver pen with beautiful but uncommon decorations and craving as if it were custom made, and he laughed. Sam was confused and also a little frighten of Kent's sudden laughing.

" I remembered where's the letter ! I remembered !"

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Past - Last Round (Chapter 2)

" I know I saw her! I felt her hand touched me ! " said Kent while walking away quickly from Sam.

" Kent ! Accept it, she's dead ! That was just a hallucination you saw ! " replied Sam breathlessly and was trying to catch up Kent.

" I just know she was there! "

Sam finally caught up with Kent and he stopped Kent from walking. Kent tried to push Sam aside but it was a vain attempt to do so.


Out of the blue, Kent punched angrily at Sam's stomach. Sam fell to his knee, trying to hold his pain. Amazingly, Sam stood up and stopped Kent again from walking pass him despite the pain on his stomach.

" Kent, please think it through ! We saw her died ! In front of our own eyes ! "

Kent looked at Sam, as if he was about to throw another punch. Kent's emotion changed from anger to depress, he just stood there, looking like a lost dog. Sam helped Kent back to his house.

" You should visit her grave next week. " said Sam.

" Yeah. "

Kent looked extremely depressed. Sam felt that Kent was suicidal. He tried to comfort him as much as possible. Sam accompanied Kent on drinking, stating that this will be the last bottle for Kent. Kent feel much better after a few rounds of scotch. Kent talked all about Jenny, how it all begun. Although it wasn't all that interesting, Sam listened quietly and interestingly knowing that talking about her is a good sign of getting better. Many rounds later, both of them were drunk and singing out of tune of an old folk song about a farmer's life.

" You know.... She gave me... a letter before... Well, before "that" happened... I have not read it yet. " said Kent drunkenly to Sam who was also looking quite tipsy from the scotch.

" Why didn't.... you read it ? " replied Sam

" Well, I forgot about it until today. "

" Read it then. "

" Oh sure "

Kent tried to walk to his study room, balancing every step he took, but fell down and fall asleep. Sam too were too drunk to help Kent up and fall asleep.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Past - Empty (Chapter 1)

" It's been two years. You really should move on."

" How can you live like this getting drunk every night! Get over with it already! "

" You're a coward you know ? Accept for the fact that it's over! Move on already! "

" Kent, she'll be sad looking at you like this, if she was still here. "

These words never seemed to reach into Kent's head. Most of his friends had already given up on him, thinking that changing Kent's mind's a lost cause. He kept on drinking every night, wanting to forget the past. Kent had another sip of scotch. Everything was blurry and the world was spinning around him. Kent had another sip but the bottle was empty. He threw the empty bottle into a corner of the room, dozens of empty scotch bottles lying on that very same corner. Kent tried to stand up but he felt something was forcing him down the chair, he couldn't move at all. All he could move was only his eyes. Everything was shaking and things just started to fly everywhere. He then passed out.

Kent woke up, trying to focus around him. The room was trashed with bottles and books, just like it always used to be. A loud knock on the door startled him. Kent opened the door, Sam, Kent's childhood,  stood in front of him, looking handsomely with his businessman suit and his Caesar hairstyle.

" You look like crap." said Sam after a few seconds of observing Kent.

Kent sighed and said " It's on the table in the dining room. Take it and leave. "

Sam nodded and walked into the house, to the dining room and took the USB flash drive on the table. Kent just stand there looking at Sam.

" It's going to kill you soon, Kent. You'd better stop drinking. " said Sam, patting Kent on the shoulder. Sam then left the house.

Kent slammed the door shut and took another bottle of scotch from the refrigerator. He went to his study room. It wasn't the same as the messy living room, the room was clean and tidy as if it has not been used for a long time. He sat in front of his laptop with his scotch and started typing. Each paragraph he typed, he took another sip of scotch. A few hours later, Kent started to feel dizzy and unwell.

Suddenly, Kent felt a soft but cold tapping sensation and a woman's voice calling his name.

Kent was surprised and looked back, nobody was there. He then continued typing. Again he felt the tapping sensation and heard the voice again, he looked back but nobody was there. He stood up and looked around, feeling suspicious. Suddenly, a woman dressed in white appeared before Kent, calling his name and walking slowly towards him.

Kent shouted," No! you shouldn't be here! Get away from me! "

The woman continued calling his name and walking towards Kent. Kent kept shouting while trying to get away from the approaching woman. Soon, he was cornered by the woman. Kent passed out as soon as the woman touched his cheek.

" Wake up, Kent! Wake up! "

Kent heard a man's voice and opened his eyes. It was Sam, trying to wake Kent up. Kent woke up and saw that the tidy room was a mess now. Books were everywhere on the floor.

" What happened here ? It's a mess. " asked Sam.

" I don't know. I saw Jenny and then I fainted. " Kent replied.

Sam looked surprised for a moment and said, " Impossible. Kent, she died two years ago. "

Kent looked at Sam and then he looked at the bottle on his hand, empty.