Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Past - Gift and Words (Chapter 3)

" Ow, my head. Ouch. "

" Still getting the hangover ? "

" Yeah, what time is it ? "

" It's six in the morning. Here, have some coffee. "

Kent thanked Sam and drank the coffee thirstily. Both of them looked wasted, sitting on the sofa watching the news. Kent felt much better, he looked much more alive. Sam was glad Kent was able to think straight after such a long period of persuasion and comforting. It has been two long years Sam stood up and helped Kent to recover. He was the only friend that hadn't abandoned Kent. Sam daydreams about all the things he said to Kent, It all feels just too long. Suddenly, Sam remember something about Kent mumbling something about a letter from Jenny.

" Hey, last night. You said something about a letter. Do you remember ? " asked Sam interestingly.

" Huh ? A letter ? What letter ? "

" You said Jenny gave you a letter you hadn't read it yet last night. "

" Oh, that letter. It's somewhere around the study room. "

Kent went to the study room and searched around. Sam waited for a few minutes, hearing rummaging sounds of books and papers every once in a while. He wonders what's written on that letter,it could be anything.  Sam was so deep in his own thoughts he did not heard Kent calling him for help.

" Dude... Sam ! "

" Huh ? Yeah ? Found it ? "

Kent looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

" Never mind. Come and help me find it. I just can't seem to find it "

Kent and Sam searched the whole study room for hours. It was like searching a needle in the haystack, an almost impossible task. Kent had now wished that he remembered where he last saw the letter, regreting that he doesn't remember something this simple at all. The once very clean and tidy room has now become so messy as if a tornado passed through. Kent suddenly stopped moving, looking at something he knew and has made him remembered something important, very important.

" What's wrong ? " Sam asked curiously.

Kent showed Sam a silver pen with beautiful but uncommon decorations and craving as if it were custom made, and he laughed. Sam was confused and also a little frighten of Kent's sudden laughing.

" I remembered where's the letter ! I remembered !"