Friday, April 1, 2011

The Past - Flying Dust (Chapter 4)

" How forgetful of me, the letter was in my jacket. " said Kent to the confused Sam who looked like a little child being explained how aeroplane flies.

" And what's it got to do with this pen ? " asked Sam curiously while showing the pen.

" Well, I just remembered that when she gave me the letter, she also gave me this pen. I put both the letter and the pen in my jacket. When I went home, I only took the pen out of my jacket and left the letter in the jacket. " explained Kent.

" So, where's the jacket ? " asked Sam while giving the pen back to Kent.

Kent took the pen and looked at it for quite some time, thinking real hard where he had place the jacket and finally said " It's somewhere in my old office. "

" What are we waiting for then ? Let's go. " said Sam.

Sam started the car engine and drove both of them to Kent's old office. Kent looked out of the car window, thinking that the world has changed a lot since the last time he went out. He passed by a colourful magic shop which he remembered it used to be a donut shop selling the best frosty pink sprinkle donuts in town. He wondered whether his favourite restaurant is still around, realising that even such short time many things could happen or change. Could his old office changed as well ?

" You okay ? " asked Sam.

" Hmm ? Oh, yeah. I'm okay. " replied Kent without much thought.

" A lot has change around here. Don't worry about your old office. It has been closed since that day and no one has been in or out. " said Sam.

Kent was a little surprised how Sam managed to figure out his worrisome thoughts. It's true that Kent is worried of the old office. But many things could happened. What if thieves broke in and took everything? What if the natural disaster damaged the old office? What if the building collapse ? Wild thoughts haunt Kent's mind throughout the whole journey.

About 40 minute later, they reached Kent's old office. It looked dirty and old. Kent stared at it for quite some time, remembering that he used to work here as a writer with his partner, Sam. Sam was already at the front door, trying to open it so hard as if he was trying to break it. Kent then walked to him, asked him to stand aside, kicked the door on it's lower left and opens it easily.

" Well, that works too. " said Sam panting.

Kent smiled at him and walked into the building. Everything was dusty and dirty. As Kent walks slowly to his office, little flashbacks of his friends working, chatting and walking around the office takes place in his mind. Sam followed behind him with the same slow walking pace. Kent finally reached his old stuffy office. The office was well decorated but with some clatters here and there. Kent remembered Jenny used to buy lunch packs for him everyday. He also remembered that she complaints a lot about the cleanliness of the office and cleans the office. Kent was felling a little nostalgic.

" Kent. " said Sam slowly while patting Kent's shoulder, " Let's just find the jacket. "

" Yeah " replied Kent wearily.

Both man searched high and low for the jacket. It was a terrible job. Everything they touch, the dust flies around the air. Unluckily, they've opened  every cupboard and boxes they could find, and still not a single sight of a jacket.

" This is just a waste of time. " said Kent.

" We've just been here for less than 30 minutes and you've started to give up ? " said Sam while looking at a hanging glass case that was covered with dust. Sam took the case to the table and opened it with some difficulty.

" What is it ? " asked Kent with a little disappointment in his tone.

" Looks like a jacket to me. " said the now smiling Sam while dusting off the jacket.

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